Our Products

Sustainably sourced whenever possible, our products are always top quality. Some products, namely geoduck, are graded simply due to the fact that wild product tend to vary more in colour. A majority of our products are harvested in the wild, but we also carry certain farm-raised products such as oysters.

Wild Pacific Geoduck

Source: British Columbia, Canada

Geoduck clam, or mirugai, is a giant clam found along the Western Pacific Coastline. Although geoduck can be found off the shores of Mexico all the way to the icy waters of Alaska, British Columbia is notorious for providing the best in terms of quality over quantity. Our wild geoduck is sustainably harvested off the coast of British Columbia by professional divers and then shipped directly to us for distribution. We are currently exporting over 1.5 million pounds of geoduck clam annually to international markets while also trying to grow the product nationally.

Availability: Year-Round

Wild King Crab

Source: Alaska/Norway/Russia

King Crab is ubiquitously known for it’s sweet and succulent meat. Our King Crab is sourced from both Russia and Alaska depending on the time of year and shipped to us directly, live and ready for distribution. Size and weight will vary depending on the species being harvested: blue, brown, or red. Red King Crab is the most desired species because of their large size and high meat yield.

Availability: Year-Round

Atlantic Razor Clams

Source: Ireland

Caught off the coast of Ireland, our razor clams are flown in weekly. They are washed, graded, and packed by hand in order to ensure quality control. Irish Razor Clams are very sweet in taste with a chewy texture.

Pacific Razor Clams

Source: Washington State

Harvested by hand off the beaches of Washington State, Pacific Razor Clams are very similar to Atlantic Razor Clams in both taste and texture; however, Pacific Razor’s will have a wider oval-shaped shell while Atlantic clams are long and slender in appearance.

Blacklip, Greenlip Abalone

Source: Australia

Abalone, a gastropod mollusk, is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. However, the best Abalone is found in the waters of Australia, where the product is wild, diver-caught and graded by hand. We offer both blacklip and greenlip varieties in IQF (individual quick frozen) form. Aside from the difference in colour, both are similar in taste and texture.


We have connections with fisherman from all parts of the globe and are happy to take special orders and requests. Please contact us with details about what product you are trying to source and we will do our best to meet your request.